Our programs of training and our didactical aids-the indispensable tools for a reasoned practice of physical activity.

 At the end of his first session, every participant to our fitness room activities gets an individualized training program. The support we worked out on this matter has got to be clear, precise and detailed.

For this purpose, we created ourselves a quasi infinite number of images which illustrate these various training programs.

Our basic programs are mainly oriented in the following directions:

  • either heart sustaining work,
  • or muscular reinforcement.
  • or functional training
  • or both

Of course they are individualized for every member according to different criteria. Such as their level of fitness, the aim pursued or the desired duration of the sessions.
Over these sessions there will be an update about everyone's progress, and then the individual program will evolve accordingly.

In order to complete efficiently the efforts made in the fitness rooms, or during the collective courses, we created a series of posters available in the fitness room but they will also be put at everyone's disposal in the form of exercise sheets.
They permit stressing the importance of certain aspects of the training and facilitate the understanding and the realization of complementary exercises (at home, for instance).

All the activities suggested within the framework of Well-b, all the activities put into place are benefiting from these original aids. To become familiar with them, we are inviting you to discover these exercise sheets « energy or relaxation breaks », our walking-running programs to be put into practice in front of your computer screen, etc.

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