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It's not necessary to have at one's disposal a large space or an expensive fitness equipment to be able to establish a policy of fitness and wellness in your business.

Well-B is also a set of highly original, modular and well-designed tools and services to be used regularly or on a more occasional basis according to your needs and budget.


We have prepared a complete range of seminars, training courses and practical sessions to help your staff adopt better behaviour where health and wellness are concerned. A wide range of themes are covered, ranging from energy management to Burnout prevention, also encompassing emotional management or discovering and practising mindfulness. Varying in length and proposed in several attractive and interactive forms, the sessions provide ideal boosters for any genuine wellness strategy. 


Do you wish to dynamize your company by encouraging the participation to sporting events ?
Brussels 20 km, New York Marathon, Oxford Trail Walker or other international competitions? Our experts team will suggest a package of measures to train your sportsmen.


We are also suggesting the setting up of a FITNESS TRAIL inside your campus. A walking trail or an introductory trail to running for all, with the possibility of setting up OUTDOOR specific equipment in order to complete the set of activities.


In order to guarantee an optimal energy supply, we must fight inertia. Move at regular intervals. Moving is indispensable even during office hours or during meetings
We step in specifically to liven up a break, for instance in the middle of a day of meetings (movements, breathing exercises, stretching, relaxation).


For instance, you want to launch a campaign of awareness to health problems and to the blessings of physical activity.
Our team will move to your place to meet yours. The main items of this meeting will be individualized meetings, discussions about living habits, estimate of the four axes of physical condition and personalized advice.

SERVICES           FITNESS CENTER           PREMIUM           CONTACT            REFERENCES