Our approach to fitness, an objective strategy

Real, objectively quantifiable results, whether in terms of health or well-being, can only be secured by following a an authenticated scientific methodology. Not all physical activities are systematically advised to, or adopted by, everyone and their volume and intensity must follow strict principles; it is essential to draw up every programme individually, according to the level and aspirations of everyone concerned.

Starting point: Reception, discussion and assessment

We actually advocate an individual reception of every new participant. During a structured discussion, we first present to him/her all the activities available on a visit to the fitness room and we subsequently attempt to determine his/her profile as well as it is possible to do, namely his/her sporting antecedents, any small health problems, but also his/her expectations and wishes at the start of a programme of rehabilitation of the participant’s physical condition. On the quality of this meeting will depend the motivation and the future results of his/her participation in sports.

Assessment of the basic characteristics of his/her physical condition enables everyone to find his/her level from a really objective point of view, namely

  • Adaptation of the heart to moderate effort, this being an essential parameter of the sporting level of the individual, making it possible to assess his/her general physical condition with great accuracy.
  • Body composition (% of fat) and the body weight index (BMI) yield interesting information on his/her figure and the impact of his/her sedentary habits.
  • Muscle and joint flexibility; unsuitable values are apt to restrict numerous of his/her movements throughout the day, the correct level of flexibility being, on the contrary, a measure of well-being.
  • Muscle elasticity; in order to offer cope with the different stresses of everyday life, to avoid numerous problems such as, for example, back pain, an adequate and balanced muscular elasticity is to be recommended.

Where am I ?
The values thus obtained make it possible for a future participant to assess his/her position with respect to established standards in terms of age and sex. These figures may also serve as a benchmark for future assessment in order to confirm a posteriori the soundness of the programme offered.

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