Our management and statistical tools

With the help of the Clubplanner Company we achieved a unique management software dealing with our activities in the company fitness rooms.

This software is based on a database.
A file is created on every user. It includes

  • The participant's basic data (name, birth date, photograph)
  • His personal motivations, his past practice of sport. the member's objectives in the fitness room.
  • The progressive and comparative results of the evaluations of his fitness condition (weight, size, percentage of fat, heart resistance to efforts, flexibility, muscular tonus)
  • The dates of the fitness sessions followed by the member. Every individual program are fitted with a bar-code scanned after every session.
  • Remarks and of the moment (Knee problem, back problem, accident, illness).

The detailed content of the proposed programs and all the adaptations that were added over the years,
The whole of the data, only available to the instructors allows them to guarantee the quality of the training level and of a really unique follow up.

This computing tool permits the management of daily tasks.

  • automatic registration via internet or through the company's intranet
  • follow-up of the different visits to the fitness room,
  • Booking an appointment to the first session. Or of a seat for a collective course.

The whole lot of these registered data finally allows us to provide our customers with detailed statistics to the attendance to the various activities on the number of registrations, on the members ‘profiles and on the evolution of the attendance according to the time slots.

Based on these information, we are establishing monthly reports which are later discussed and interpreted together.

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