Our collective and mini-courses the other approach or the ideal complement

The practice of team activities as well as collective courses encourages the sense of purpose, emulation and the pleasure given by practicing them. While music allows an easier way of releasing tension and relaxing.

The setting up of a grid of various activities allows an orientation suited to everyone whatever may be their tastes and their needs. In the collective courses we are proposing, you can find a complete range of needs in matters of fitness.
They are the following ones:

  • the heart sustain approach (step, aeroboxing, cycling)
  • the muscle reinforcing approach ( (sculpt, pilates, T.A.F., Functional Training, ...)
  • the relaxation and wellness approach (gymnastic of the back, yoga, aiki fitness, stretching).
  • there are also mixed courses, approaching the different sides of the same activity

All this is proposed in the way of various forms designed to satisfy the largest number of customers…

At the same time, we have developed our own courses: tonus courses, general courses, heart and muscle reinforcement, stretch-relax courses. Naturally they are suited to the company world, particularly if the considered business does not have a fitness room or a collective and specific lecture room. Actually, our courses could simply be given, for instance, in a meeting room. Our courses present other advantages: little or no equipment is necessary, their intensity is easily tailored to fit every individual, they don’t need any choreography and are available to everyone.

Finally, we organize minicourses of abs and stabilization exercises, stretching, swiss ball, or circuit training. These 15 or 20 minutes exercises are realized as a complement to a program done in the fitness room. They rhythm your session and bring you a bonus in terms of motivation.

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